So you are traveling for business or pleasure and you accidentally forget your workout attire.    Meaning Tshirt, running shoes etc.   Well have no fear and don’t miss your workouts just because of forgotten gym dress code.  

New Balance has a fantastic workout gear rental program which is offered to a select few hotels such as the Westin.   They have a workout gear lending program which currently is $5.   They will deliver to your room a pair of New Balance running shoes in your size and any other fitness apparel you may need to  be able to still get great workouts in while you are traveling.  No need to miss your fitness program while you are on vacation or traveling for business anymore.  

Also remember to try your best to book hotels with some sort of fitness facility. If  no fitness room where you are staying is available.   Let one of our ResQFit Personal Trainers design a custom fitness travel program just for you.   

We can design a travel workout routine with no fitness Equiptment at all that can be done right in your hotel room.   

Remember to try your best to eat clean while traveling and make those healthy choices when you can.    

Have a great vacation or business trip and don’t forget your workout gear.    But if you do.     Don’t sweat it.     Not literally though! 😉

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