Ok, let’s face it.    It’s tough enough getting our workouts in during a normal day at home.    But we do….RIGHT!     Well when your traveling and staying at a hotel it becomes sometimes even more daunting.    But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

Here of some simple tips for getting a workout in when you are traveling for business and/or pleasure.  

1)  Stay at a hotel that has a gym 

2) Forget the gym.   Do a 10-15 minute workout in your own room. 

3)    Provided the area is safe to do so.   Get outside and go excercise outdoors

There is no reason to not stay in shape and get your excercise routine in while you are out of town on vacation or traveling for business.   Ask your Personal Trainer to customize a workout plan for your travels. Stay tuned for another ResQFit Travellers   workout routine.  

Personal Training at home

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