No time to hit the gym for a fitness workout today?   Feel like you have a million things to do at home and getting your fitness routine in is last on the list?

Well don’t stress, make your workout part of your house chores and tasks.  

  Today I decided, as I’ve done many times to get my workout in while I was folding laundry.    

No one says you have to spend hours getting a workout in at the gym.   15-20 minutes is plenty of time to get a workout in and can all be done from the comfort of your home.    

This is how I did my laundry fitness routine.   😉  

I started by doing a light warmup by running up and down the stairs to get my laundry basket with clean clothes.   

Then I did a set of bicep curls and tricep kickbacks.   Went over to the laundry basket.   Folded two or three items.  Then went back to my dumbells to do another set.    Repeated this 6-7 times and voila.   My arm workout for the day was done and I managed to multitask and get my laundry done as well.    

So the message you need to take away from this is multitasking and fitness can go hand in hand.    The tip I can give you is make sure you have some home fitness Equiptment.  For example an adjustable workout bench and dumbells.   

So again, if you can’t make it to the gym or would prefer to workout at home.    You can get your fitness workout in while accomplishing other tasks!

Personal Training at home

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