Types of Meditation to Help You Relax!

1. Visual meditation to take you off autopilot

To do: Choose a non-moving object that is in a close proximity, such as a candle or a doorknob. Close your eyes halfway and stare at that object with a gentle gaze. Zone in on that object until everything else around seems to “vanish.” Hold for a few minutes, and then slowly bring back your full awareness, without taking your eyes off the object.

2. Body mind meditation for stress, emotional distress or if you’re feeling under the weather

To do: Close your eyes and begin a slow “body scan,” focusing your energy on each body part, starting at the soles of your feet and ending at the top of your head. When you feel any type of tightness in an area, breathe into’ where the constriction is. Then on the exhale, allow the constriction to release.

3. Sound meditation for a quick pick-me-up

To do: Take a few minutes to listen to something comforting, like a favorite sound in nature, smooth jazz, or a voice recording of a guided mediation. When in doubt, find a sound with a slower beat. Keep in mind that we will always find a heartbeat as the most soothing sound because the first vibration we ever heard was our mother’s heartbeat from the womb.

4. Energy meditation for an all-over tranquility

To do: Close your eyes and begin by focusing on The Root Chakra (– located at the base of the spine, it helps ground us, associated with the color red). Inhale and exhale, thinking about the feelings and color related to this energy center. Spend about one minute here before moving upward to the next chakra.

Try to get through all the chakras in this order:
• The Sex Chakra – located on the lower abdomen, directs creativity and pleasure, assoicated with the color orange
• The Solar Plexus Chakra – located on the upper abdomen, governs empowerment and transformation, associated with the color yellow
• The Heart Chakra – located above the heart, deals with feelings of love and compassion, associated with the color green
• The Throat Chakra – located in the throat, controls communication and self-expression, associated with the color blue
• The Third Eye Chakra – located between the eyes, guides intuition and decision-making, associated with the color purple
• The Crown Chakra – located at the top of the head, offers limitless beliefs, associated with the color white

*It’s a lot at first but you will get the hang of it the more you practice.

5. Sensory meditation for a quick time-out

To do: Dab your preferred scent on your hands, (like lavender, vanilla or sandalwood), and cup your hands, close your eyes and breath deeply for about five minutes. “Focus on this aroma and allow it to relax and soothe you.” Or try this method. The Chocolate Tasting Practice: Place a piece of chocolate in your mouth, close your eyes and allow the chocolate to melt in your mouth. “Your goal is to become aware of all the sensations as the chocolate breaks down.”

6. Mantra meditation to calm a racing mind

To do: Close your eyes, take in a deep breath and repeat a sound to yourself either silently or out loud the “perfect” mantra is the word Om. It contains every vibration that has ever existed and it has no meaning. “So if you silently repeat it over and over, it will never start a thought because it’s meaningless!” However, if the “om” is too “out there” for you, try a simple yet positive mantra that has meaning, like “I am strong” or “I am whole.”

7. Chanting meditation prepare for an important meeting

To do: Choose your favorite words — anything from a religious prayer to your favorite song lyrics. My only caveat would be that if you’re going to sing, do not sing in a whispered tone — belt it out!.

8. Metta meditation for low on self-esteem or if someone is on your last nerve

To do: Sit with your eyes closed, slowly breath in and think loving thoughts. As you exhale, release these emotions. So we’re bringing the feelings of love and kindness into our heart, and then shining it out to everyone else. When you release your breath, send the love to your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and even someone you’re upset with at the moment.

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