Ok so it’s pouring rain outside with lighting, freezing cold or icy outside or just plain old don’t feel like going outdoors for your cardio workout. 

Well don’t worry about missing your run, walk or hike and invest in a good quality treadmill.   If you really love being outdoors and going for a run/walk/hike then get a treadmill with a built in screen that has a course function to it.   

These treadmills are amazing.   Such as the LifeFitness treadmill that has Lifescape Courses.  This screen/computer allows you to pick a choice of course.   One workout you can be Hiking the grand staircase sequence of Arizona and Utah, to a virtual experience of the high mountain peaks and deep volcanic valleys  of New Zealand.   

If you love running, jogging or walking in the city there are many workouts for you. 

These treadmill workouts provide a virtual run experience and add much needed excitement to those sometimes never ending treadmill sessions.    

Of course as Personal Trainers we always recommend getting outside for some fresh air, experience nature and to enjoy the beauty that this world has to offer.  But for the days that you just don’t feel like Going outside or the weather isn’t cooperating.     Then give these indoor treadmill courses a run, walk, or hike. 

Check out this blog post for more info on the Lifescape courses. 

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