There are so many kitchen appliances that you can buy.   But the main appliance that would be a great tool to assist with your fitness / healthy eating and nutrition program would be a powerful blender.    

Not only can you make nutritious vegetable / fruit protein shakes but you can create many different dishes such as soups and food processed dishes.  

Some of our fitness trainers, personal trainers and clients have used the Vitamix, Blendtec and Ninja.  Most all reviews have been fairly positive. 

Personally I have a Vitamix and cringed at the thought of spending $600 on a blender.   But after burning through 1 blender a year for many years, for less powerful blenders, I finally took the plunge.   And all I can say is wow, why did I wait that long.   

The Vitamix simply put it, liquifies any vegetable or fruit you put in it.  I’ve never had a such a smooth shake from any blender I have ever used.    Considering I use my blender most every morning for my fruit/vegetable protein shakes.   It was worth every penny.   

So if your looking for a way to include more nutritious fruit/vegetables as part of your healthy eating and nutrition program.  Our fitness professionals and personal trainers definitely recommend investing in a good blender.   

If you have used another brand of blender.  Please let us know what your opinion is and leave a comment in our comment section below.   Thanks. 

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