So I have to admit a serious addiction I have.   It all started about 1 year ago.     That addictive snack is called….are you ready for it?    Skinny Pop.  

It is a great snack idea for those that need a crunchy treat somewhere throughout their day.    My snack satisfaction comes from pairing this Skinny Pop with a natural diet soda stevia sweetened drink known as Zevia.

   A 3  3/4cup serving  of this popcorn contains 150 Calories, 15 grams of carbs and a 10g of fat.    There are lower fat calorie brands of popcorn on the market but we have not found one that tastes so delicious.    Consult your nutrition expert or personal trainer to see if this healthy snack would be a great addition to your fitness and nutrition program.  

Generally speaking it is a healthy and great snack as long as it is ate in moderation and according to serving size.  

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