How does sugar and abusive drugs have the same effect and addiction levels you ask? Well sugar can be as addictive or even more addictive than drugs and in fact some might say “Sugar is a drug.”

Do you ever get that afternoon feeling of needing something sweet? 
 Or that after dinner feeling, when you should be full from dinner that you need something sugary?     

Those cravings for that sweet ever so delicious taste in your mouth that you are craving comes from sugar. Try fighting those cravings and all you can think about is that sweetness in your mouth. And tell me that sugar is not an addictive substance.   

Unfortunately it’s a sad reality that many of our foods are loaded with sugars which cause more cravings and storage of fat on our bodies.  

If your following a fitness plan and training with a Personal Trainer that is great and you will get a lot of benefit from this. But if you are sabotaging yourself during the day or evening by eating sugary foods then a lot of the fat loss potential you work so hard for while working out is affected.  

Check out this article from and you’ll see how and why sugar can be linked to an abusive drug.   

Keep training hard and of course enjoy those sweets and deserts on your free eating days but don’t let it destroy your fitness progress when your working with your home personal trainer hard for that healthy body your trying to achieve.   

Personal Training at home

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