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So this winter has been an interesting one.    Not a huge amount of snow but some very slippery days.    

Well here is a great way to get outdoors and continue your fitness routine all while staying safe.    
We introduce to your fitness program essentials  the “ice traction spikes for shoes and boots”.   There are a few different manufacturers of these ice traction cleats but the one that seems to stay on out feet the best seems to be the Yaktrax Run series. 

The added toe strap seems to provide the most stability when performing running/ jogging on slippery surfaces.   

This combination of spikes and coils on your running shoes or boots allow you to run naturally on packed snow and ice which allow you to continue your fitness training program during winter with the same stability you are used to experiencing on dry surfaces.   

Again, our fitness trainers and clients have tried many different brands of these ice traction cleats for their fitness routines and they all do seem to help with traction and stability on ice.    

Add these winter shoe traction devices to your outdoor workout routine and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well they work and prevent you from slipping and falling in icy conditions.   

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