Unfortunately, junk food is a highly addictive, calorie dense, non nutritious, man-made drug that technically destroys the body overtime if consumed regularly.

If you don’t believe me, check out the nutrition (science backed) stats and labels of most all junk food and see just how many minerals, vitamins and nutritious things are contained in these foods (empty calories).
As the saying goes, you can’t  just stop at one.   Junk food is highly addictive.   Most Junk Food Companies are highly motivated to make things taste good so you can consume more of the product which in turn will lead you to buy more of it by eating it faster.   Now it is an open market and technically this is business.   But the problem is that your health and waist line suffer from this.  

Now it’s not fair to say that you can never enjoy a desert, or one of your favorite treats.    But look at it as a treat once in a while.   Mainly reserved for your cheat days as part of your nutrition and fitness program.  

So to make things simple.    Cut out the crap(junk food) from your eating 6 days a week (dependent on your goals).  But enjoy it that one day per week. 

  Talk to your ResQFit Personal Trainer or our nutrition experts who can help you with your eating and nutrition plan if you find you are having hard time weening of the sweets/junk food.   They would be more than happy to help teach you successful tips in order to achieve your fitnes goals.   

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