Are you always thinking of other ideas for a healthy and quick breakfast to compliment your healthy eating and fitness regime?

Well here is a quick healthy eating idea for breakfast.   

  1. Steel cut oats
  2. Mixed berries (fresh or frozen)
  3. Banana
  4. Hemp Hearts

Adjust the serving size for your body type and metabolism.   With this nutritious breakfast your getting loads on antioxidants from the berries along with slow digesting carbohydrates from the steel cut oatmeal which will keep your satisfied longer and your blood sugar levels stable.  

The hemp hearts provide you with much needed protein to help repair and make your muscles stronger from those strength training workouts.  Hemp hearts also provide you with loads of those healthy essential omega fatty acids your body needs.    By incorporating this easy and healthy breakfast Oatmeal recipe into your healthy eating and fitness plan, you’ll be sure to start your way into the path of health and wellness. 

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