As the saying goes.   Keep it simple Sally or something like that ;).    That’s how you want to view your nutrition and healthy eating program.   

As we all know it is crucial to your fitness success if your working with your home or office Personal Trainer and following a fitness training program that you follow a  solid nutrition plan.    But don’t make eating healthy more complicated than it has to be.    Remember food is just fuel to provide nutrients to your body so that your body and health functions optimally.   

Keep healthy eating and meal preparation simple.   Don’t stress over find long complicated recipes when sometimes two or three ingredients is all you need for a healthy meal.   

As shown in the picture my dinner tonight consisted of two simple things, asparagus and fish fillet.  Throw some quick spices on the fish, drop it in the over or broiler and steam your asparagus. Your healthy meal will be done in less than 20 minutes.   

Remember to keep healthy eating and your meal plans simple!

Personal Training at home

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