Ok so if it only was that easy. You just brush your teeth and boom, off come the pounds of fat. Unfortunately this is not the weight loss case.   But brushing your teeth, especially your tongue in between meals not only will help your teeth stay clean, but it also helps combat those snack and sweet cravings.   

Sometimes we end up with a bad taste or stale taste in our mouths that through habit we sometimes satisfy by snacking and eating sweets. This especially tends to happen at nights after we eat. Hence those sweet cravings after dinner.  
One trick to helping your weight loss journey prevent you from indulging in sweets is as soon as your done your dinner. Go brush your teeth and tongue with a minty fresh toothpaste. Preferably an all natural one.  
You will find that after you brush your teeth/tongue your cravings will subside. Mouthwash also helps with this fat loss tip too.   

So anytime you feel a snack craving coming, try this tried and true weight loss tip of brushing your teeth and tongue. Not only will this help your fitness/ weight loss but your teeth and dentist should be happy as well. 

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