Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day?   You know you should be stretching everyday, but just don’t seem to fit it in your schedule.    Why not stretch some muscles while you are brushing your teeth. More fitness multi tasking is what we are talking about here folks.  

I know this sounds crazy but if you use an electric toothbrush with a timer.    Even better.   Most electric toothbrushes a have a two minute timer notifier which notifies you to switch from top to bottom teeth.   We’ll use this timer to tell you when it’s time to switch to next muscle group or sides you are stretching.

Pick one or two stretches to do every morning and evening while you are brushing your teeth.   For example, standing beside your bed, kick one foot up stretched out infront of you on your bed and then lean forward.     You are now stretching your hamstring while brushing your teeth.

Make this stretching routine part of your daily schedule combined with brushing your teeth.    If you brushed your teeth with a timer electric toothbrush twice a day.   You would of now completed 8 minutes of stretching a day all while keeping your teeth healthy.   Your body, fitness trainer and dentist will all be happy.  😉

Until next time.   Healthy teeth and Healthy You!

Image: Excercise at home

Personal Training at home

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